Ace of Hearts gets vulnerable on debut album ‘Frozen in Time’


Recommended Tracks:  “Lights Off”, “Silver Lining”, “Deadbeat Boulevard”
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In the past year, Jacob Rabon IV went from a popular gamer on YouTube to a pop rock musician.  That might sound unusual, but in 2021, anything is possible.  His millions of subscribers followed him as he went from Alpharad to Ace of Hearts, and gladly traded in that “subscribe” button for a “stream” button on Jacob’s first two EPs.  Now, after a year of juggling these two worlds, Jacob is giving both streamers and subscribers his debut album, Frozen in Time, which recounts heavy emotions and sensations that have been weighing on him, and thus holding him back.

The album’s first track “Lights Off” presents us with this interesting satire that can be heard from track to track, as if Jacob is downplaying the severity of what he is feeling or going through.  For instance, when he sings, “All your red flags sparkle in the sunlight” on “Lights Off” or “Let the silence be the comfort that I never was” on “Silver Lining,” he inserts a sense of nonchalance.  Even on the semi-rock track “Queen of Everything,” he compares someone who was his “everything” to “a child who won’t resist the other toys,” cutting down the hold that this person has over him.  While we know that these are serious thoughts and observations, the use of comparisons and metaphors takes the edge off.

Additionally, Jacob’s delivery makes the lyrics lighter, his showman-like vocals adding a bit of whimsy to the words.  This creates a colorful dynamic on collaborative tracks “Find Me in Your Dreams” and “Your Name,” with his deeper tones rounding out the characters he takes on in both.  These deep tones can also be heard on the alt-country track “Waiting for Your Call,” where Jacob packs his bags and hits the road after an unfortunate falling out.  It may take a little getting used to, but the originality found in Jacob’s voice makes him and these stories so compelling.

The music on the album pairs nicely with Jacob’s voice, boldly taking on the performance quality that is heard within.  Melodies swirl and change throughout, as we hear on tracks like “Deadbeat Boulevard” and “Your Name,” preventing a song from getting too stale or predictable.  Styles change as well, as the piano ballad “Monophobia II” and eclectic closing track “A Life Frozen in Time” deviate from the pop rock that is prevalent.  The different personalities we hear in the music make Ace of Hearts all the more complete.

One of Jacob’s goals for Frozen in Time was for it to help just one person feel less alone.  As the album explores a variety of topics, it can definitely connect with someone who might be dealing with one or more of the scenarios that Jacob puts forth.  The music is also there to comfort or guide, building on the big moments and easing back on the small.  Whatever happens to Ace of Hearts from here is to be determined, but at least we will have Frozen in Time to remember this moment.

You can listen to Frozen in Time on platforms like Apple Music and Spotify.

Keep up with Ace of Hearts:  Twitter // Instagram // YouTube


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