Mark Ambor Shrugs off the Loneliness on “Company”


Described as “the ultimate boy-next-door,” Mark Ambor has found success in the hearts of millions – literally.  His latest single “The Long Way” was streamed over one million times in the last month, with fans longing for its feel-good melodies and optimistic disposition.  Along with his enticing music, Mark’s strong following on social media in the past year has also contributed to his quick rise in the pop music world, as hundreds of thousands of followers have liked, commented, and reposted his demos and originals.  Keeping up with all of the excitement, Mark is giving us another single that will surely follow suit of his previous release.

A self-produced pop anthem “Company” features charismatic production and lyrics that speak to anyone hoping to find that special someone.  Mark so sweetly sings, “Alone it feels strange / Life is better with some company” and “I’m just searching for real love / Maybe it’ll find me,” touching on the idea that life is to be shared with someone other than yourself.  When paired with the bursts of synth and live drums, the lyrics really take off and complete the affectionate vibe of the song.  You can check it out below.

Telling us more about the track, Mark shares,

“I wrote this song during quarantine when I was missing everyone and everything that made me feel alive.  I was talking to a girl that I was falling away from, I hadn’t seen my friends in a while, and the whole idea of the song just flowed out of me over a piano riff one day.  The idea is simple:  life is better with each other.  Which, for me, really highlights an important feeling I want to convey; realizing we’re not alone and celebrating ourselves, with one another, for all we’re worth.”  

You can listen to “Company” on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

Keep up with Mark Ambor:  Instagram // Twitter // TikTok // Facebook // Website


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