Tombstones In Their Eyes get to ‘A Higher Place’ on new EP


Recommended Tracks:  “I Know Why”, “I’m Not Living in Fear”, “Hidden in My Eyes”
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Last year, genre-defying band Tombstones In Their Eyes was busy writing and recording music that pushed their sound into new territory.  This evolution came naturally, of course, as it would be strenuous to retain a sound that they debuted nearly seven years ago.  Fans received this new music in the form of Looking for a Light last year, but as the band is constantly creating, they found that it was time to get more of this new music into the world.  With the A Higher Place EP, Tombstones In Their Eyes show that they are more than a fuzzy guitar band, as well as prepare fans for even more of this new material in the months to come.

While the EP seems like a brief listen, consisting of six tracks, there is much to explore in regards of sound.  Each track offers a different musical story, as we hear on the opening track “I Know Why,” which features heavy acoustic guitar before building into a cinematic mix of indie, pop, and shoegaze.  There is also the indie rock-based “A Higher Place,” filled with driving guitar and engaging melodies.  For those more interested in a softer scene, “Dreaming” conjures up the essence of floating through time and space, its psychedelic production indicative of a vibrant dreamscape.

Along with these eclectic tracks are assorted lyrics that anybody can interpret and apply to whatever situation seems fit.  On “Hidden in My Eyes,” vocalist John Treanor sings, “There’s another side of me / Hidden in my eyes,” leaving this “other side” up to the listener.  More specifically, Treanor identifies a series of mantras on “I’m Not Living in Fear” that he used to ease his anxiety and depression.  These statements really sink in, as they are accompanied by a mesmerizing drone and layered background vocals.  While the closing track “This River” touches on the relaxing qualities of nature, its observations could be applied to any source of comfort.  Carefully, Treanor sings, “And this river gives me peace that I don’t have / And this river keeps me calm,” demonstrating the importance of finding that relief.

In the end, A Higher Place is all about Tombstones In Their Eyes and their evolution.  Fans of the band are sure to hear the progression from Tombstones In Their Eyes’ first album, as these new tracks highlight the melodic path that the band is going down.  Still, these tracks contain that signature psychedelic rock sound often associated with the band, keeping their spirit in tact.  As Tombstones In Their Eyes solidify their expansion of sound, they are ensuring that they are around for the long haul.

You can listen to A Higher Place on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

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