Summerdrive chase after lost feelings on “Shimmer”


Officially making their debut in 2018 with their EP Wild In Our Ways, alt-pop trio Summerdrive unleashed their enthralling blend of 80s synth-pop and indie rock for all to relish. Three years later, they followed up the project with Be The Change, which took the band to another level. It quickly amassed over four million streams, cementing a successful change as a group from Friends At The Falls, the moniker they previously published under. Continuing to be inspired by the sounds of the 80s and bands like The 1975 and Walk The Moon who have infused that sound with their own style, Summerdrive give us “Shimmer.”

Filled with lush, captivating rhythms and playful synth, “Shimmer” is a shiny mix of nostalgia and heartache. It deals with the frustration and the allure of chasing after something that can’t really be explained or is not fully realized. Over the vibrant percussion, we hear, “Why’s it always feel like I’m the last to know? / Chasing down the shimmer of an afterglow / Driving by the places that we used to go,” bottling that complex feeling. You can check it out below.

Telling us more about “Shimmer,” Summerdrive explain,

“The overarching idea of the song is chasing a feeling that has faded, whether you like it or not. Visiting the places that you’ve been with someone, whether it be a friend or a partner, and those places not holding the same meaning as they once did. Ultimately realizing that sometimes it’s out of our control how these things end up.”

You can listen to “Shimmer” on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

Keep up with Summerdrive: Facebook // Twitter // Instagram // YouTube // TikTok // Website


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