Mark Ambor is happy to take “The Long Way” in new single


A little less than a year ago, indie pop artist Mark Ambor was flying under the radar.  He had a few tracks to his name, a couple thousand Instagram followers, and lots of patience.  Mark was posting covers and snippets of music, hoping that something would stick – and it did.  Fast-forward to today and Mark’s 2,000 followers have turned into 238,000 followers, and counting!  All of his hard work is finally getting him somewhere, and what better way to celebrate than with the release of a new single?

Mark’s first single since going viral, “The Long Way” focuses on the importance of holding out for something, or someone, good.  He sings about “turning pages” and “getting by,” knowing that it is better to wait for things to fall into place than to rush in making them happen.  Musically, the track is an uplifting pop hit, filled with feel-good guitar riffs and encouraging percussion.  Mark’s endearing vocals tie everything together, bringing more light to an already sunny space.  You can check it out below.

Giving us more about the inspiration for the track, Mark shared,

Many of us have that person in our lives that no matter how much time has passed, every time you see them and every time you talk to them, it feels like nothing has changed.  I found myself in that place of wanting more than just a friendship with that person, but knowing, for a few reasons, that for the time being we were better off as friends.  ‘The Long Way’ is about that underlying feeling that things will work out one day with that person.

You can listen to “The Long Way” on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

Keep up with Mark Ambor:  Instagram // Twitter // TikTok // Facebook // Website


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