mxmtoon puts on a stellar show in NY at Rockwood Music Hall



After almost 2 years of no live shows, mxmtoon made her return on July 30th for an intimate show at New York’s Rockwood Music Hall, days before she would play Lollapalooza in Chicago to a crowd of over 8,000. This NY show was special though as it was sold out to a room full of eager fans ready to see Maia for the first time since the pandemic started. For many this was their first show back, so it was even that more special.

The show opened up with Peter McPoland to start things off who got the crowd ready for mxmtoon. 7pm rolled around and out came Maia (or should i say heavy metal artist xmxtoon, as that’s how she advertised the show) to a sea of fans eager to finally see her live after so long. It was a surreal moment seeing her performing, live shows were finally back and it felt so sweet. Maia knows how to put on a show and it couldn’t have been better.

Maia has been making waves across the internet ever since she released her debut EP plum blossom in 2018, and continues to see herself grow and evolve with each project she releases. Her Dawn and Dusk EPs are two works of art that remind us that even on the darkest days you have the sun will still rise and things will be okay. Maia is a genius songwriter who tells stories through her music that are true to herself and others who may relate to the lyrics in some way or another. The songs are based on her own experiences but she hopes others can feel like the songs can belong to their own experiences too. Maia is a gem and is truly one of a kind. We can’t wait to see her grow even more with future projects!

Check out Photos from the show taken by Erin Crowley (@erincphotography on instagram)


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