Julie Williams releases beautiful song “Southern Curls”



Rising country star Julie Williams is a gem and has released her latest single “Southern Curls” which is a personal one to her. It’s a stellar track that features Julie’s signature songwriting skills and angelic vocals. Julie was raised in Florida and is now making waves in the Nashville music scene. Music has always been a part of Julie’s life as she started singing in church and beach bars along with singing the national anthem in packed stadiums. She was a student at Duke University and released her debut ep Lovecycle in 2019. She graduated with a public policy degree in 2019, and moved to Nashville, where she became a regular host of The Song Suffragettes

Even though she was drawn to the storytelling of country music, she never quite found the sound that spoke to everything she was: black, white, Southern, a woman, hopeful, truthful. So naturally, it was up to Julie to make this sound. “My music is mixed like me,” is how she describes it, “I want to tell the stories that need to be told.”

“Southern Curls”  is a brilliant song and one that will inspire many. Julie did a fantastic job on this one and really tells an authentic story along with a truly beautiful music video that fans actually raised money for her to make, and also features an all black creative team.

“I’m writing my songs for the 10-year old girl who cries in the shower as she tries to detangle her hair and is afraid to look in the mirror because she hates what she sees; for the 20-year-old who is just now learning to love herself; for the new mom that wants her daughters and sons to love themselves as themselves and to hear music that celebrates them. That’s who my songs are for.”

Julie has a bright future ahead of her and she is already making a name for herself in the country scene. She will be releasing her next EP Mixed Feelings later this year and we can’t wait to hear more from her! Check out the beautiful music video to “Southern Curls below”.


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