Norii releases dreamy new track ‘Vow To You’



Norii is back and better than ever this time with a new release in “Vow to You”. Norii is fresh off of her previous stellar release “Exocoetidae”.  This time she comes back with an even better track full of video game and vapor-wave vibes. “Vow To You” as said by Norii herself is a song to her best friend and also herself about the battles of depression and mental health. It’s a beautiful song that really showcases her smooth vocals and amazing songwriting abilities.

“Vow To You” was born in the midst of one of my infamous depression benders. Absolutely sick of the self-pity I couldn’t claw my way out of, I was determined to write a happy song. I spent hours with writer’s block because my fake joy felt so inauthentic. Something shifted once I remembered that cliche advice everyone’s heard: talk to yourself like you’d talk to your best friend. My best friend has got that whole mental stability thing down pat, so I decided to reverse the roles. I began writing a song as if the person I loved most in the world was in the same dark, glitchy space I was in, and writing lyrics flowed pretty simply after that. “Vow To You” is a love song to my best friend, and also to myself in a way. Most importantly, we can dance to it.”

It’s another stellar and personal release from Norii and we can’t wait to hear more from her in the future! you can check out the audio to “Vow To You” below and on all other streaming services.


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