‘Rebecca Black Was Here’ and is here to stay with her first project in ten years


Recommended Tracks:  “Girlfriend”, “Personal”
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After 10 years of not releasing a music project, Rebecca Black is back and better than ever, reminding everyone that she is here to stay. The new project called Rebecca Black Was Here is a 6 song EP featuring diverse songs infused with hyperpop realness, raw emotion, and queer love. This is Rebecca at her best yet. The new EP sees Rebecca being unapologetically and confidently herself after years of battling insecurities. You can really see the growth within herself in this project.

“Not only does it feel like such an incredible emotional release to have what I’ve been working on for the past year and a half out in the world, now is the first time I feel like I’ve proved to myself I can really do this,” Rebecca Black writes. “I have spent the past 10 years constantly questioning myself and asking myself if I was really able to ever overcome my own insecurities. Now looking at this project completely finished, I couldn’t be more proud of what I have been able to create with some of the most talented and kind team I’ve known. Truth is, I couldn’t have made this project without having experienced what I have in my past, and I am finally able to celebrate that for myself.”

Every track on the EP is a standout, and all have their own uniqueness to them. A theme of the EP is getting over an ex and the trails and tribulations that come with it, and ultimately getting back with them in the end. The album opens up with the bass heavy banger “Better in my Memory” , which sees Rebecca talking about an ex who is just better off as a memory to her, as if everything between them was better in her memory. “Personal” which was released as a single is another hyperpop infused song about not taking things personally over harbored feelings after the end of a relationship. “NGL” is a club banger and references crying to Sky Ferreira. “Blue” is quite the change from the rest of the EP as this is the somber track full of all the emotion, it’s sultry yet sad, and really showcases Rebecca’s soft vocals. “Worth It For the Feeling” which was another single, focusing on Rebecca trying to get over her ex, but holding onto that last bit of hope. The EP closes out with lead single “Girlfriend” in which Rebecca ultimately gets back with the ex she was trying to get over earlier in the album in a true whirlwind of events.

Rebecca’s return to music was definitely worth the wait, as this is some of her best work she has put out. As a queer artist, a lot of the LGBTQ+ community looks up to her and her ability to write authentically about queer love. She proudly receives the honor of Variety’s ‘Power of Pride’ 2021 list, Logo30, Bustle’s Pride Yearbook & more. She is truly a star. Listen to “Rebecca Black Was Here” right here if you know what’s good for you. We know we’ll be dancing along to this all summer long!

Along with releasing her jaw dropping EP, she recently announced that she is going on her first headline tour in North America early next year. Alice Longyu Gao, will join as the supporting act. Tickets go on sale on Friday June 18 at 10am local time. For tickets and more information – click HERE!

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