Thomas Day tries to make sense of an impending breakup on “Hearts Get Broken”


If you are looking for advice on how to break into the music business, just turn to Thomas Day. Ever since he signed to Arista Records in 2021, Thomas has been evolving from TikTok sensation to bona fide pop star. With singles like “MASOCHIST,” “Gravity,” and “I Don’t Wanna Leave Just Yet,” he has accumulated over 200 million streams across the globe and over 7 million followers on social media. Just last year, he released Love Me For Another Day, which he described as “a collection of songs that I wrote and recorded when I was 18 and 19, trying to figure out the kind of artist I want to be.” He also embarked on his first ever headline tour, the ‘Love Me For Another Day’ tour, which was sold out! Last month, Thomas released “Pretender,” an emotional follow-up to Love Me For Another Day that builds the hype for the next phase of his career. He is exploring this phase further now with “Hearts Get Broken.”

Trying to make sense of a relationship that is nearing its end, Thomas gives us “Hearts Get Broken.” It starts out as a vulnerable piano ballad, with lonely piano chords accompanying Thomas as he sings, “You’re growing up, my love / Oh, I’m so proud you figured out / That you don’t need my touch / To make you feel enough.” Later on, the track becomes more of a forlorn pop song with more instrumentation but also more anguish and sadness. Thomas reluctantly understands that young love is not always meant to last, singing, “I know that we’re young and chasing moments / Why’s it gotta mean that our hearts get broken?” Age aside, a heartbreak is a heartbreak, and it will still hurt no matter what.

Telling us more about “Hearts Get Broken,” Thomas explains,

“‘Hearts Get Broken’ is about the little things you notice when someone starts to fall out of love with you, and realizing that all of those were true right before you break up.”

You can listen to “Hearts Get Broken” on platforms like SoundCloud, Spotify, and Apple Music.

Catch Thomas on tour with Joshua Bassett here.

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