Thomas Day Releases Powerful Single “Pretender”


Thomas Day, the artist behind hit tracks “not my job anymore” and “VICIOUS”, recently released his newest single “Pretender”. After taking off on TikTok as a cover artist, Day signed with Arista Records in 2021 and has not turned back since. With over 7 million social followers and over a quarter of a billion global streams, Day proves again and again why his music is so impactful – and “Pretender” is no exception.

This new track perfectly captures the longing feeling of watching someone you loved go their own separate way before you are ready to let go. His powerful lyricism, stunning voice, and moving instrumental composition make the song one that you will want to listen to again and again this summer.

The story told in the lyrics is what makes this song most compelling. Day starts by singing “God, it was unfair / Gone in a flash like a blinking eye” and “I wish that we could run away together / Instead, I’m running out of ways to let you go”, emphasizing how hard he tries to let go, but cannot. These lyrics, as well as his emotive delivery, show how passionate he is about his last relationship, even though he knows it cannot continue since the other has moved on.

The song’s use of guitar and drums is incredibly powerful. They mesh into the lyrics in a way that beautifully reinforces the song’s message, creating a piece that is show-stopping.

“Pretender” already has over 359,000 plays on Spotify, making it a quick success for Day. If you’re a fan of Benson Boone or David Kushner, you’ll feel right at home with Thomas Day’s music.

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Ashley Robinson
Ashley Robinson
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