From Depths of Struggle to Heights of Success: Jelly Roll Releases “I Am Not Okay”


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There are few artists who have gone from the depths of struggle to heights of success, but among them is Jelly RollThe singer continues to let his authenticity shine through and uses his own personal stories to give hope to those who are battling their darkest storms. He continues to be a reminder to those who have felt lost and alone that no matter how dark it may get, the dawn always breaks and there is light at the end of the tunnel.

The country sensation has made it his mission to give back to his community. He says “I always said that if I ever got in this situation, I would do everything I could to give back.” In 2022, he put $250,000 towards programs aiding incarcerated youth and raised $590,000 to benefit at risk youth in 2023 by donating a dollar of every ticket sold on the Backroad Baptism Tour. 

His new single “I Am Not Okay” explores the struggles people face in their daily lives. Jelly Roll is giving his listeners an inside look on his healing journey. It serves as a reminder that it’s okay not to be okay and that you can seek help in times of struggle. “I’m not okay, but it’s all gonna be alright. It’s not okay, but we’re all gonna be alright.”

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Reagan Denning
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