Weekly Roundup: May 27


Every Monday, we bring you a playlist filled with tracks the Melodic staff has been listening to on repeat. Hear some of our latest obsessions below:

Stephen Sanchez, “Baby Blue Bathing Suit”In his latest single, “Baby Blue Bathing Suit,” Nashville-based singer-songwriter Stephen Sanchez transports listeners to a world where the timeless sounds of the 1950s and 1960s collide with modern sensibilities, resulting in a nostalgic yet refreshing musical experience. It is likely that you have heard songs similar to this, but that does make it less of a catchy summer bop. It’s like vanilla ice cream with sprinkles. 

– Joshua Madsen


Perfect Strangers, “Tear Me Apart”Loud, fast, and catchy, Perfect Strangers deliver modern hard rock with classic implementations. Their live shows are energetic and packed with roaring sounds, just like their brand new album, Social Decay. Focus track “Tear Me Apart” offers an adrenaline rush, spotlighting the band at their very best.

– Sarah Wagner


diognardi, “the trouble of love”Off of the EP room for error released in April of this year, “the trouble of love” is a jaded perspective on love. From diognardi comes another track about love and heartbreak. “The trouble of love” tells the story about someone that finds himself at the end of a relationship, looking back to weigh whether or not the good times were worth the terrible ending. 

– James Wieners


The Collection, “The Mood” – Like other songs on Little Deaths, “The Mood” focuses on the aches, joys, and acceptance of personal growth. Steady percussion and smooth brass accentuate the vulnerable lyrics that share about struggling when opening up to others. Lyrics such as “I start to want to hold the arms / And see if I’ll unwind the yarn” show us this hesitancy when it comes to jumping into relationships.

– Emma Celenza


Jeremy Zucker, Lauv, and Alexander 23, “Cozy” – Want to have a sleepover with the girls? Indie pop artists Jeremy Zucker, Lauv and Alexander 23 are known separately for their heartbreakingly intimate lyrics and sound. They just dropped their first collaborative track, “Cozy,” via Mercury Records. 

– Clare Gehlich


Hear the rest of the staff’s picks on this playlist!

Weekly Roundup 5/27
Stephen Sanchez- “Baby Blue Bathing Suit”
clairo- “Sexy to Someone”
Wallows- “You (Show Me Where My Days Went)”
Hannah Grae- “New Temptation”
Eliza & The Delusionals- “Falling for You”
Perfect Strangers- “Tear Me Apart”
Julia Calvin- “Tunnel Vision”
diognardi- “the trouble of love”
TIDAN- “Ghost”
Charlie Puth- “Hero”
The Madelines- “Take Your Medicine”
The Collection- “The Mood”
Alfie Templeman- “Beckham”
Twenty One Pilots- “The Craving”
Jeremy Zucker, Lauv, Alexander 23- “Cozy”
Thomas Day- “Pretender”
Don Toliver- “Attitude”
Bleachers- “Backwards Heart”
Cain Kerner- “Control”
Mariana’s Trench- “Lightning and Thunder”
Imagine Dragons- “Nice to Meet You”

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