Perfect Strangers Release Roaring New Album ‘Social Decay’ with Energetic Track “Tear Me Apart”


Loud, fast, and catchy, Perfect Strangers deliver modern hard rock with classic implementations. Their live shows are energetic and packed with roaring sounds, just like their brand new album, Social Decay. Focus track “Tear Me Apart” offers an adrenaline rush, spotlighting the band at their very best.

As a bystander, lead vocalist and guitarist Anthony Vitanza saw alcohol being abused and observed that “it’s all fun and games from their perspective but to everyone else it’s a real drag.” The ever-growing drinking problem of the song’s protagonist starts to tear them apart.

Perfect Strangers released their first EP, self-titled, in 2022, followed by their second EP, Running From A Nightmare, in 2023. Social Decay was inspired by hard rock music of the ‘70s and ‘80s, and indie rock music of the early 2000s. Produced and arranged by Anthony Vitanza, it was mixed at Catherine North Studios by Will Crann.

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