Nessa P goes the distance with her intricate rock n’ roll process


Journeying from the sun-kissed realms of California, Nessa P is an electronic force to be reckoned with, channeling the heart and soul of ODESZA and the vibrant rhythms akin to Kygo. Each song she crafts is not just music but a heartfelt narrative. Influenced by the enigmatic beats of Flume, the jubilance of David Guetta, and the unapologetic exuberance of Diplo, her tracks are playful yet profound, a true reflection of her artistic spirit.

From her roots in California to the global stage, Nessa P’s music evolution is a tale of passion and perseverance. It all began with an encounter at the age of 14—an unexpected brush with dance music that ignited a lifelong passion. This love eventually converged with the inspirations she absorbed from her surroundings, birthing the unique Nessa P sound.

Through her recent tracks, she delves into themes of love, adventure, and self-discovery, encapsulating the raw emotions that many of us experience but often find hard to articulate.

For those just meeting Nessa P, she’s an artist, producer, engineer, and multi-instrumentalist, deftly juggling these various roles from her studio in the Bay Area of California. As a writer, she spotlights under-recognized talent; as a teacher, she passes knowledge to working-class students. In her studio, she collaborates with rising artists and produces genre-fluid original tracks. Through her multifaceted industry involvement, Nessa lives authentically while uplifting her community.

Be it through her vibrant beats or compelling backstory, Nessa’s invitation is clear: join the journey, feel the rhythm, and become part of the tale she weaves. If you’re here for the music, her tracks will draw you in with passages of vulnerability and defiant resilience. If you’re here for the stories behind each song, you’ll discover someone chasing dreams without compromise. Wherever your entry point, with Nessa P you’re in for an experience that authentically captures the emotional spectrum of being human.

We caught up with Nessa P below.

What are you still trying to figure out?

Everything, I want to be better at everything, I have goals this year about being a better DJ, developing as a producer, taking on more clients, and getting more music out quicker, I am just bad at social media, so when you see me gettin’ it this year with the socials, shoot me a like cause it doesn’t come natural for me.

Do you have anything you’d like to tell any fans reading right now?

I do this for both of us, I can’t live without it, and I can’t do this without you. I am thankful for every like, ticket sale, vinyl sale, follow whatever, I just want to go on another day making music and having followers and fans makes that all possible. Some of my fans are also in bands that I am a fan of so the support and love goes round and round! Some of my fans have become family, and some of my family are my fans. Overall, just thank you for your undying love and support it means more than you’ll ever know. My Partner is my biggest fan, and I have to always shout out to him for everything he has done to make every bit of this possible, he is the key to everything happening behind the scenes.

What’s next for you?

Music, Music, and more Music, there is another project following this, I am not supposed to be talking about it right now, but there’s much more. That and continually working with artists, and producers. I want to take on more clients this year as well.

For those not familiar with your band, can you tell us a little bit about yourselves?

Based out of San Francisco, I am a one man band, I do collaborate with other artists, and I am excited to continually grow as an artist with every release, live show, and music industry experience. I am a multi-instrumentalist, I have my own studio, Órale Audio, and I have recently put together a mobile studio because I am constantly traveling.

If you could design your ideal tour, which artists would you include and what would be the theme?

I’d like to be an opener, I’d like to have started there and earned my way up. I would love to open for Purple Disco Machine, Duck Sauce, Channel Tres, or Flight Facilities, that’s just a few that I look up to. The theme would be-disco vibes, disco balls and everything!

What’s the funniest thing that’s happened on tour or at one of your shows?

I have to say I was playing a show and I saw my brother walking in with this contraption, spraying alcohol into strangers mouths, milfs, old guys, young girls, whatever. He was always the cool one, so he was sort of upstaging me at that point, and I am used to it by now, he’s just literally that cool, he oozes cool. I hadn’t seen him in a while, he lives in LA so, it was so heartwarming to see him walk through the doors, but to walk through the doors and be so unmistakably him was hilarious, because the next thing that happened was that they were gonna kick him out, and rightfully so, for bringing in outside alcohol, but I saved him “that’s my brother, I’ll make sure he’s cool,” love that guy to the moon and back. But those women, they were just all about it. It was a packed house that night and it was just an overall great night for music!

When recording your latest release, did anything strange, wonderful, or terrible occur?

I wrote the song in 2 hours, and it was done. I didn’t want to add anything or change it, some songs do not need words. If I feel like I am forcing words into a song, I just stop, too much modern music has words, I want to just feel music sometimes. I released my first instrumental song, it was wild and fun, it was a great experience.

Do you use the same gear when recording as you do when playing live? If yes, what and why? If not, why not?

Yes, a lot of what I do is have all of the things that I create music with hooked up in the studio and I just start with a beat on the Maschine + by native instruments, and build from there with guitar, bass, vocals, and/or synth. I also have some amazing synth sounds in maschine that I work with, the major bassey synth line in LIFE is off the maschine, actually everything, but the vocals and the guitar on that song, are from maschine, there are no pre recorded loops it’s all me playing finger drums and recording that in.

How did you link up with the label for this release, and what about them was attractive enough to make you sign?

V13 is my label of sorts, I just saw what they were doing for other indie artists, and I wanted to give it a try, I felt that it was time to take myself more seriously. My studio is ready to take on more clients, and I’m ready to move forward with my career.

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