diognardi ponders “the trouble of love” in new single


Off of the EP room for error released in April of this year, “the trouble of love” is a jaded perspective on love. From diognardi comes another track about love and heartbreak. “The trouble of love” tells the story about someone that finds himself at the end of a relationship, looking back to weigh whether or not the good times were worth the terrible ending. 

The song starts small, with a simple guitar and soft vocals. The drums kick in and it builds slowly to the first chorus, where the instrumentation picks up and then dies back down for the second verse. Throughout the song, these ups and downs help to showcase the strong vocals.

This back-and-forth helps to convey the overall message of the song, which is that love also has its ups and downs. Ultimately, the song leaves it to each listener to decide for themselves whether or not they would “rewind to the start of it” or “save themselves the trouble of love.”

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James Wieners
James Wieners
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