Billie Eilish Releases “CHIHIRO” Music Video


Following the release of her latest album HIT ME HARD AND SOFT on May 17, Billie Eilish just dropped the music video for hit track, “CHIHIRO”. This video marks the second official video drop for the album, after she premiered the video for “LUNCH” with the album’s release. In addition to both songs’ official videos, Eilish has also dropped three alternative one-take videos that went into the making of the official “LUNCH” video, an extended cut of “L’AMOUR DE MA VIE”, and a series of “BILLIE BY FINNEAS” videos featuring each song on the album. 

In her typical use of all-caps posts for the album, Eilish announced the “CHIHIRO” video on an Instagram post Wednesday that read: 


Less than an hour after premiering, the “CHIHIRO” official video already has over 300,000 views and over 100,000 likes. It has received a slew of positive comments from fans, including “Petition for Billie to make a video for every song on the album” (@Unbloxed), and “I didn’t know music could make me feel this way” (@helent.8388). 

The video itself is a portrayal of a toxic relationship that you keep coming back to, even though it is harmful. Eilish is seen closing doors in the beginning, in contrast with the lyrics singing “Can you open up the door?”, creating emotional tension early on. She then is seen fighting in the dark with a male character, introducing the toxic relationship that is consuming her life. Finally, she runs, eventually ending up with the same person. Together, the two portray a chaotic mix of emotions, eventually ending on a frame where they embrace each other while smiling.

“CHIHIRO” takes inspiration from Eilish’s love for the 2001 film, Spirited Away. The song takes the listener on a journey reflective of the one experienced by the film’s title character, Chihiro Ogino. Eilish sings, “Did you take / My love away / From me? Me” as soft synths beat throughout the song.

With the release of the “CHIHIRO” video, future official video announcements from Eilish can be expected as she continues promoting her latest album.  

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Ashley Robinson
Ashley Robinson
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