Jonny Craig returns to rock music with new band Old Flame


Jonny Craig has returned to the rock scene with his new band Old Flame. The new track, “Pray” ignites a blaze of redemption and resilience. After a hiatus focused on personal growth, sobriety, and fatherhood, Craig emerges with a renewed sense of purpose.

“Pray” gives a lot of self-reflection from Craig’s perspective as the raw lyrics carry the weight of the track. He invites listeners into his personal narrative of overcoming demons and finding strength in vulnerability. The track encapsulates his journey of past mistakes and inner battles, but also of resilience to stand tall against hardship. With the lyrics, “Always looking at my dark side // When I’ve been working on the other one” Craig shows vulnerability and there’s another side people don’t always see.

Upon release Jonny left his fans with a message: I’m so happy to return to rock music with my new band Old Flame and our first new single “Pray”. After taking some time on my sobriety and working on humbling myself (almost 3 years now) and my role as a father I left rock music behind, of course that would make anyone sad but I grew to focus on the bad memories and not all the wonderful ones I had just making music to make music. I thought I was done but doing this last tour really opened my eyes to how much I need this scene and all the people who support it. This time I wanted to return the right way and start fresh. “Pray” is a song about not only redemption but survival in a world I have given my life to and I know I’m needed here. This new arc isn’t just about being sober and righting my wrongs, it’s about learning a whole new way of life and I’m excited to share that journey with you. It’s simple, I am just a flame that can’t be put out and this old flame is here to burn bright!

With its raw emotion, “Pray” marks the triumphant return of Jonny into the rock world.

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