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Top Tracks: “It Could’ve Been You”, “Better Now You’re Gone”, “When I Had Hope, I Had It All”
Similar Artists: 
Olivia Rodrigo, Paramore, Avril Lavigne
Recent News: 
Released new mini album Nothing Lasts Forever on March 15.

By combining the energetic and relentless vocals of Hayley Williams with the hard-hitting instrumentalization of Green Day, rising popstar Hannah Grae creates music that embodies the rebellious, feminine experience. Channeling the likes of Courtney Love and No Doubt, Grae’s mini album Nothing Lasts Forever, captures the niche sound and attitude that was only found in early 2000’s alternative pop. Earning praise from Rolling Stone, NME and The Independent, Grae is a breakout star that should be on everyone’s radar.

At only 21 years old, Grae has brought herself worldwide attention and virality. Having played various festivals across Europe and the UK after the release of her 2023 EP Hell Is A Teenage Girl, Grae has proven herself as a fiery songstress and talented singer-songwriter with Nothing Lasts Forever. Balancing heartbreaking ballads with explosive, in-your-face anthems, Grae shows that she has already mastered all aspects of the definitive pop icon through the diversity expressed in her work.

Inspired by famous women in the pop and rock scenes, Grae writes songs about relationships, how it feels to be an outcast, and the highs and lows of being a young woman navigating your teen and young adult years. Having made her musical debut in 2022 with her single “Propaganda,” she rose to popularity after posting cover songs on YouTube and TikTok. With 146k YouTube subscribers and 275k TikTok followers, Grae has made headway in the popular music world.

A musician who is energetic, unapologetic, and punk rock to her very core, Hannah Grae is most definitely a pop-rockstar on the rise. Combining unwavering vocals with punchy and crunchy musicality, Grae serves as a fresh dose of adrenaline for the pop scene. Her new record Nothing Lasts Forever, a cathartic and catchy collection of Grae’s most defining work, is out now.

Stream Nothing Lasts Forever on Spotify or Apple Music.

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