Kyle MAGNVS transforms you into a believer with “Kylie”


Kyle MAGVUS - "Kylie"

Kyle MAGNVS has released his latest upbeat single, “Kylie,” balanced with his sweet but smooth R&B vocals and musical atmosphere that just so happens to feature a key change toward the end of the track. 

Singer-songwriter Kyle MAGNVS, born and raised in Jamaica, is currently based in Madrid, letting his music employ strong emotional imagery and raw relatability through intensely passionate musicality. He began releasing music three years ago with his first single, “Trouble,” released in 2021, and is looking to make his mark in the pop-R&B music scene. 

He sings, “Go ahead to cry if you want to / I’m here to hold you,” characterized by intimacy. Kylie is Kyle MAGNVUS’ childhood nickname, with the song serving as a road map explaining his journey. In the track, he reflects back on his past struggles to pick up his broken pieces; he tries to find peace and hope as he moves forward in life.

In the chorus, Kyle MAGNVUS continues, “I know you don’t want to talk about it anymore / I know you don’t give a f*** about it anymore / You’ve got one life, don’t waste it / One chance to make it,” expressing his hope that as he moves on, he can find it in himself to keep going.

After releasing his most recent single “Falling,” he is ready to release his upcoming EP, The Gemini Prince, “Kylie” is his first single off that project.

In this uplifting, relaxing but light-hearted track, “Kylie” makes you feel like you have a friend when you need it the most. “Kylie” embodies Kyle MAGNVUS’ sincere and raw delivery, transforming listeners — as well as himself into a believer in life.

“I wrote this song for my inner child. I hope the empowering lyrics and the uplifting rhythm of the song will strike a chord with listeners as well.”

Keep up with Kyle MAGNVS: Instagram // Spotify // X // YouTube


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