Sloane Skylar and KID Tye let the past go on “Airplane Mode”


Sloane Skylar - "Airplane Mode" (feat. KID Tye)

The opening of Sloane Skylar’s latest track “Airplane Mode” is a vibey song about self-worth when you need to end a relationship that has given you nothing but constant disappointments. 

Featured on the track is KID Tye, a hip-hop/rap artist, who adds to the dynamic release, providing an interesting dialogue to the song. “Airplane Mode” feels like a late night out on the town sipping a glass of wine. Skylar’s velvety and light vocalsAbout this song accompanied with Tye’s distinctive vocals adds to the listening experience and shoots the listener on a unique but inviting musical journey.

The mention of “New Rules” by Albanian-pop singer Dua Lipa capitalizes on the idea that one requires determination to set boundaries and prioritize one’s own self. The “airplane” metaphor provides an added artistic experience throughout the song, as it represents finding it inside to distinguish oneself from negativity and prioritize one’s self-worth after repeated disappointments.

In the chorus, Skylar sings, “E.T. phone Sloane / But I ain’t calling home / I’d rather be alone, cause / Your love’s a black hole / Sucks me in till I choke.”

Skylar’s ability to be relatable in her music is evident throughout the latest track with Tye, with its catchy melodies and magnetic production, as well as a captivating blend of vocal ability from both artists. “Airplane Mode” is exactly what you need to relax, rewind and let the past go.

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