Dreamer Boy goes through the wringer on “Suckerpunch”


Even if you have not been in love before, you can tell from songs like Dreamer Boy’s “Heartbreaker” that love can make you crazy. Back in February, Dreamer Boy released the effervescent glam rock track, just in time for Valentine’s Day. With its rock and roll energy, charming spirit, and flirty lyrics, “Heartbreaker” showed that love is both a wild game and a powerful feeling. Depending on how you feel, it could be worth stepping away from love or taking a break from it before it gets too out of control. However, on Dreamer Boy’s follow-up single “Suckerpunch,” he admits that he cannot stay away.

Shifting gears from the sheen of “Heartbreaker,” “Suckerpunch” is more lo-fi. The continuous background strumming and Dreamer Boy’s hazy vocals bring down the lively energy of “Heartbreaker,” showing that the love he felt is dissipating. Throughout the track, Dreamer Boy mentions the ways that he has been hurt in this relationship, comparing himself to “the shoe untied that you wear around,” for instance. You can tell that he is trying to cover up his pain through the inflections of his voice and through the comparisons he makes. In the end, he claims, “I guess I could look the other way for you,” suggesting that he can brush off or ignore what he has been through with this person.

It is in this song that we also get more context behind the “rodeo clown” character that Dreamer Boy introduced us to on “Heartbreaker.” We saw this persona on the cover art of the single, with Dreamer Boy covered in face paint and clownish attire. About this other persona, he shares,

“This song is the first time I reference the Rodeo Clown directly. As I was writing the second verse, it felt like it would be good to just include exactly why I am the Rodeo Clown. This song perfectly sums up where this character comes from – that beaten down, stomped on feeling.”

Giving us more info on “Suckerpunch,” Dreamer Boy explains,

 “‘Suckerpunch’ is about repeatedly getting stomped on by yearning for love – that repeated action of reaching out and putting your heart on the line and then it getting stomped on – how that cycle wears down the psyche. Looking the other way for someone means, ‘Hey, I know you’ve hurt me time and time again, but I’ll just look the other way one more time.’ Just the insanity of going back through that willingly. To follow up ‘Heartbreaker,’ I wanted to get deeper into the heartbreak emotion and the pattern of that.”   

You can listen to “Suckerpunch” on platforms like Spotify, SoundCloud, and Apple Music.

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