Niklaus Romero takes a walk on the dark side on debut EP ‘DUALITY’


Recommended Tracks:  “Vampire Lover”, “Red Escape”, “Immortal”
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When heartbreak occurs, there are a few ways of getting through the pain.  You could long for forgiveness, feel the sting of rejection, or try to move on without ever looking back.  Or, if you are Niklaus Romero, you could conjure up some sinister feelings for the person who did you wrong, as he so does on his debut EP, DUALITY.  Crafting six tracks that openly capture the dark and brooding emotions that he experiences in private, Niklaus takes a walk on the dark side in the hopes that he will find some light.

On the whole, Niklaus gives us rousing tales filled with drama and tragedy, almost as if he is the antagonist to what is going on.  He tells us about haunting this person who “hates him so deep down” on the carefree “Immortal,” describing scenes where he unexpectedly reappears.  Through infectious pop punk melodies, Niklaus sings, “How does it feel to have the roles reversed, now you’re the one who’s cursed / I’m everywhere you go,” showing that memories are hard to shake.  There is also the cinematic “Villain,” where Niklaus claims, “I can be the villain of your story if you want me to be,” even if he knows better.  The dynamic production, which is a little bit of alt-rock meets hip-hop meets lustrous string section, makes for an exciting ride and fully completes the story we hear.

There are a few moments on the EP when Niklaus gives us more insight to these scenes, reflecting on a more real level.  On the opening track “Vampire Lover,” for instance, he sings about a relationship that is one-sided, where he only comes over at night and is more or less a stranger to this person’s friends.  He asks, “Is this what love’s supposed to feel like?” and decides that he will not “be the secret” anymore.  We get even more emotion on the piano ballad “Red Escape,” which acts as a counterpart to “Immortal.”  On the track, Niklaus also admits that he cannot escape this person’s memory, revealing that he is struggling with moving on as well.

All in all, DUALITY is a promising record for this up-and-coming singer-songwriter.  The melodies and instrumentals are engaging and creative, sure to have listeners thinking back to choruses or riffs long after the songs have ended.  We also have unique perspectives on these tracks that are not found too often on tracks that deal with relationships, with lyrics that really showcase the “duality” that Niklaus sets out to achieve.  Niklaus is still so young and new to the scene, so of course there are moments on DUALITY that are not perfect.  As Niklaus sharpens his writing and vocal skills over time, however, there is no doubt that he will be taking the pop punk world by storm.

You can listen to DUALITY on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

Keep up with Niklaus Romero:  Instagram // Twitter // Facebook // YouTube


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