Caroline Romano gets brutally candid about unrequited love on “Used by You”


On recent releases like “girl in a china shop” and “Tell Her I Said Hi,” Caroline Romano leaned into a fiery, more confident sound. Her music has naturally contained a bit of angst and defiance, so it was not such a shock when she incorporated that bolder sound into her music. As she continues to grow and evolve, Caroline is going to take chances and bend the rules in order to unleash her full potential as the witty and relatable singer-songwriter that she is. Whether it’s debuting a new sound or shaking us to the core more and more with her lyrics, Caroline is here to make an impression, which she does on her newest alt-rock anthem, “Used by You.”

One of her strongest songs to date, “Used by You” tackles unrequited love. The beginning of the track is very intimate and acoustic as Caroline reflects on the ways that a relationship has hurt her and the blame she feels for not wanting to leave. Candidly, she sings, “I wish I was above / Just following your crumbs / I know they lead to nowhere / Are we still having fun?” The choruses then take over with prominent drums and relentless guitar, counteracting the soft vibes we previously heard in the opening verses. This explosive sound, paired together with lines like, “I’d rather by used by you / Than you be something I lose,” just hits you so hard that you almost feel guilty for listening – like you accidentally stumbled upon this cathartic moment that was only meant for Caroline to experience.

Telling us more about “Used by You,” Caroline explains,

“If I had to describe ‘Used by You’ in one word, I think that would be ‘brutal.’ It’s unabashedly honest, blunt, and real. It’s a song about the side effects of unrequited admiration. It’s about loving someone to the point that you’re willing to move mountains for them, even when they’re not willing to move an inch for you. It’s the fear of losing someone so much that you’d rather lose yourself just to keep them. In the name of being honest, no matter how terrifying, this is ‘Used by You.’”

You can listen to “Used by You” on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

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