Mae Krell Shares Their Journey through Recovery on “phantom limb”


Throughout the year, singer-songwriter Mae Krell has given us deeply moving tracks that highlight important moments in their life.  Starting with “are you sure?” back in March and followed by “snow,” “colorblind,” and their latest “rest stop,” Mae has a way of calmly confronting certain demons and sharing personal secrets that help us better understand not only them, but also ourselves.  Mae knows how to tap into those thoughts and feelings that most people would prefer to keep to themselves, but in openly expressing them, they encourage others to do the same.  Their new single “phantom limb” is of this caliber, as it takes us through Mae’s journey through addiction and recovery.

Telling us about “phantom limb,” Mae explains,

People often expect me to be ‘healed’ now that I’m sober, not realizing that my disease will continue to trail behind me for the rest of my life.  ‘phantom limb’ speaks to my recovery, and what it’s like to choose to carry something difficult with you instead of letting it go untreated.”

Delivering the track as if reciting a simple lullaby, Mae describes temptation and moments of weakness.  Over melancholy piano chords, Mae sings, “Keep trying to tell myself that I can change, but I know I’ve always been this way” and “I know one is too much, but I’m always tempted by the simple idea that this time might be different,” demonstrating how recovery is not a straight path.  By acknowledging the dynamics at play, Mae shows that there is much more going on than what is assumed.  You can check it out below.

You can listen to “phantom limb” on platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, and SoundCloud.

You can also catch Mae Krell on tour with Ethan Jewell early next year here.

Keep up with Mae Krell:  Instagram // Facebook // Twitter // Website


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