Nicotine Dolls release highly anticipated EP ‘How Do You Love Me’


They have only been together for a few years, but when you look at the numbers, you would think Nicotine Dolls have been around for decades. Since forming in 2019, the alternative act has racked up millions of streams on their songs, whether it’s a new track like “How Do You Love Me” or older fan-favorites like “Till We Both Stay” and “If I Come Home.” When lead vocalist Sam Cieri appeared on America’s Got Talent last year, he performed “What Makes You Sad,” which received a standing ovation from the audience and unanimous approval from the judges. Sam decided to opt out of the competition, but “What Makes You Sad” is still resonating with fans – it has over six million streams. This year, the group started rolling out their new EP How Do You Love Me with songs like “SLIP” and “Real House.” While fans have now heard three of the four tracks, there is still much to look forward to with the project, out today.

Sam has described the EP as “uncomplicated,” “unpretentious,” and “unapologetically romantic,” which have always been Nicotine Dolls’ strength. On the title track, for instance, Sam basically breaks down over the thought of people being close to him. He vents about his flaws, leaving him to wonder why or how anyone could love him after knowing that he is such a mess. The mood is more upbeat on “SLIP,” which finds Sam at a party with an ex. It provides a fun contrast to the title track, its lively feel and sly lyrics casting off any downhearted vibes. Falling somewhere between “How Do You Love Me” and “SLIP” is “Real House,” a delicate yet hearty track that focuses on doing what is right for someone. Crooning over the full band sound, Sam recalls the time when he had to make a decision about a relationship. It shows what he would do for someone he loves, like choosing that person’s happiness over his own.

The new release from the EP is “30 Somehow,” which may be the most vulnerable track. It gives an emotional look at where Sam is in his 30s, highlighting the positives and the negatives. He touches on the family dynamics, describing people who are either entering or exiting his life. Sam also gets into his work life, balancing multiple jobs and doing the same thing day in and day out. In the end, he sings, “All I’m trying to do is figure it out,” which is all anyone can do.

About the EP, Sam shares,

“The goal was to try to not sound like anything else. It didn’t matter if what we were doing was ‘proper.’ It mattered if it felt good. I hear music as sporadic sounds that I can see. That’s what I wanted the record to have. We disregard the attempts to fit into a playlist. It’s taken a very long time to understand that Nicotine Dolls simply sound like Nicotine Dolls, and it’s something we’re confident in.”

You can listen to How Do You Love Me on platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, and SoundCloud.

Keep up with Nicotine Dolls: Instagram // Facebook // TikTok // YouTube // Website


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