Static Revenger teams up with The Sponges for funky “Music In My Mind”


With a knack for discovering the next big thing in music, Static Revenger was bound to cross paths with disco-funk duo The Sponges.  Static Revenger, also known as Latroit, also known as Dennis White, knows how to create legendary tracks, having received prestigious accolades, placement on the Billboard Club charts, and a credit for paving the way for dance music to be featured on American pop radio.  By teaming up with the “dukes of disco,” as self-proclaimed by The Sponges, there can only be a successful outcome.  Putting their brilliant creative skills together, Static Revenger and The Sponges are giving us “Music In My Mind,” which has been described as a track that will “take over summer dance floors.”

A combination of decadent house and groovy disco, “Music In My Mind” is a playful introduction to endless summer nights.  Its nonstop energy and timeless beats are hard to resist, and the repetition of the “music in my mind” tagline only makes the urge to get out on the dance floor that much stronger.  The track is being hailed as “a masterclass in funky house music production,” and after hearing the smooth transitions and cadences throughout, there is definitely much to inspire upcoming producers and DJs.  You can check it out below.

About the track, Dennis White shared,

“I’d co-written the original version of this song a few years ago with Nat Dunn, who co-wrote Marshmello’s ‘Friends’ and Kygo’s ‘Carry Me,’ Aussie Dance Music legend GT, and Amie Miriello, who appears on vocals.  This is back when The Sponges had just released their single ‘Make It Juicy.’  I loved that track and was inspired to do a version of ‘Music In My Mind’ that borrowed rather liberally from their sonic signature.  FWD to last year…The Sponges and I were talking about doing a track together and it occurred to me that it would be a good idea to bring them in on my failed attempt to rip them off, and finish the thought… which they did, and they nailed it… Like they always do.”

The Sponges also expressed,

Since the very beginning of our career, [Dennis] has been a staunch supporter of our vision and we’ve talked about doing a collaboration for years.  When he sent us ‘Music In My Mind,’ it was a no-brainer. The song was already on its way to being a classic banger masterpiece!  This track was an absolute pleasure to work on.”

You can listen to “Music In My Mind” on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

Keep up with Static Revenger/Latroit:  Facebook // Instagram // Twitter // YouTube // Website

Keep up with The Sponges:  Facebook // Instagram // Twitter // YouTube // Website


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