Heather Bond navigates the highs and lows in life on ‘The Mess We Created’


Recommended Tracks:  “The Mirage”, “All My Love”, “Feel It”
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After singer-songwriter Heather Bond graduated college, she set out to pursue a career in music, deciding to give it everything she had.  She headed off to Nashville without a backup plan, just knowing that this was it for her.  Not surprisingly, Heather gained a strong following, performing sold-out shows and collaborating with numerous artists and producers around the country.  If you have not yet seen Heather live or had a chance to listen to her debut album, So Long, then you might have heard her tracks on classic shows such as Jane the Virgin, Charmed, and Sesame Street.  Still growing as an artist, Heather is ready to follow up So Long with her sophomore effort, The Mess We Created, which flaunts the maturity and impressive musicianship she has developed over the years.

Known for her delicate and raw songs about love, Heather gives her fans a wide range of tracks that deal with the matter throughout The Mess We Created.  Even though both tracks have a different vibe, with “Fate” being upbeat and straightforward and “All My Love” being slower and more ethereal, they strongly convey the bliss that comes from finding the right person to love and be loved by.  In contrast, “The Mirage” brings forth reservations that surface when faced with the task of moving forward or moving on.  Over a compelling indie pop beat, Heather sings, “I remember when you were my everything / Funny how you just became a memory,” trying to decide where her heart belongs.

Heather also gives us songs that impart meaningful life messages.  On the melodic “Ich Weiss Nicht,” which translates to “I don’t know,” Heather ruminates on her dreams and fears.  The somewhat abstract production reflects the uncertainty that she feels about these topics, as nothing is ever set in stone.  There is also the cinematic “PoliSci,” which touches on the importance of staying united during these trying times.  In the end, we have to keep “Going Going” and “Feel It,” which both focus on living in the moment and being as authentic as possible.

When listening to the album, you feel a sense of nostalgia through both the musical production and lyrics.  From the jam sections we get on “PoliSci” to the layers of disco we hear on “Feel It” and the dreamy instrumentation on “Fountain of Youth,” there is a pull towards older styles and genres that make us yearn for a time previously passed.  The lyrics are also timeless, as they touch on desire, fate, love, and the countless questions we ask ourselves about the daily goings-on in the world.  It all makes for an album that can still be relevant in the years to come.

Overall, The Mess We Created is the best kind of mess you could imagine.  Filled with diverse soundscapes, crisp vocals, and significant verses and choruses, the album has much to offer.  Each track stands on its own, but contributes to the overall story of the highs and lows in life.  The time that Heather and her crew took to make the album was well worth it, and they can all relax knowing that they have overcome that infamous sophomore album hurdle.

You can listen to The Mess We Created on platforms like SoundCloud, Apple Music, and Spotify.

Keep up with Heather Bond:  Facebook // Instagram // Twitter // YouTube // Website


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