Shantaia realizes her true feelings on “Hung Over You”


Earlier this year, country artist Shantaia tried to overcome the damaging effects of a breakup with “Broke to Brand New.”  Cathartic and melodic, the single exposed the conflicting thoughts and emotions that emerge when a relationship ends, making one wonder what it can take to from feeling “broke to brand new.”  The music video, released back in April, was a creative way for Shantaia to bring this story to life, as we saw her breaking various objects around her with a baseball bat.  Following up this release with another riveting breakup jam, Shantaia gives us the honest and open “Hung Over You.”

On “Hung Over You,” Shantaia realizes that she is not actually as over someone as she originally thought.  Candidly, she sings, “I’ve been going out and having the time of my life / Really thought that I was doing just fine,” reflecting on all the fun she has been having without this person.  In the end, though, she admits, “So I guess what it’s coming down to is / I can’t blame the booze / I’m hung over you.”  You can check it out below.

Telling us more about “Hung Over You,” Shantaia states,

I like to call this song my ‘Sad Girl Summer Bop.’  Lyrically, it’s about being heartbroken and covering up that heartbreak with bad habits.  Melodically, you can dance on a bar top and scream it at the top of your lungs!  I wrote this song with Tyrone Golden Carreker and Vanessa Marie Carter.  This song is very inspired by Sam Hunt melodies, which makes sense, as Tyrone has been Sam’s right hand man for many years on and off stage!

You can listen to “Hung Over You” on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

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