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Recommended Tracks:  Cool, Used To Be, Love Her
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A lot can happen in ten years.  You might experience a milestone, such as having a baby or buying your first house.  You might take a trip out of the country or meet your soulmate.  If you are a Jonas brother, you might release an album, go on a hiatus, form new bands, get married, have children, realize that Jonas Brothers should not be over, get back together, and release a brand new comeback album just in time for summer.  Nick, Joe, and Kevin have really been through their fair share of ups and downs, but are now in a great place.  They are in such a great place, in fact, that they are ready to tell you all about it with Happiness Begins.     

It was February 28, 2019 when Jonas Brothers decided to tease new music and send everyone into a panic.  They posted about something called “Sucker” being dropped at midnight.  What was “Sucker?”  It turned out to be the first single from the new album.  It was upbeat, it was catchy, and it showed that the brothers had not missed a beat in their time away from each other.  It was really happening:  Jonas Brothers was coming back!

That single ended up being the first song on the album.  The next two tracks on the album, “Cool” and “Only Human,” confirm that the brothers have evolved since their Disney Channel days.  The music is still creative and colorful, but also a little more complex, showcasing the things that Nick and Joe probably learned from their other musical endeavors during the hiatus.

Most of the songs on Happiness Begins deal with love – whether it’s finding love, missing love, wanting love, or preserving love.  The fourth track, “I Believe” is about finding love and knowing that it’s right.  Nick Jonas stated that this is a love letter to his wife, Priyanka.  Nick and Priyanka have received criticism over their romance – some people comment on their age difference, while others feel that Nick proposed too quickly.  After listening to this song, I dare the haters to find something wrong with their relationship.

What do you do, though, when you do have doubts about love?  On “Used To Be” we hear about dealing with exes.  While the relationship is over, there are still moments when that person comes into your life and it can be bittersweet.  How are you supposed to feel?  What do you do when it seems like they want you back?  While we don’t get the answers, we get a very chill and relatable track that reminds us that sometimes, you just can’t help how you feel.

Not knowing how to feel is only natural.  In those moments, we might try to cover up how we feel so that nobody thinks that something is wrong.  The ninth track, “Happy When I’m Sad,” explores that idea of pretending you are fine, when really, you feel bothered or sad.  It is okay not to be okay, but what is definitely not okay is keeping those feelings to yourself.  The light, upbeat music that accompanies the lyrics give this song a positive vibe, helping mask the sad, underlying feelings.  We all know, though, that the mask needs to come off at some point.

Nick had his moment on the album with “I Believe,” so it is only fair for Joe to have a moment as well.  Joe’s love letter to his wife, Sophie, comes in the form of “Hesitate.”  The stripped back track is about having so much love for someone that you want to do anything in your power to please them.  Their presence in your life has saved you, so naturally, you owe them everything.  We are talking major couples goals.

The album comes to an emotional end with “Rollercoaster” and “Comeback.”  The former track refers to the Jonas’ journey as a band.  While they struggled in the beginning, they have no regrets.  The ride was on the crazy side, but if they had to, they would do it all again.  The final track summarizes what this album prioritizes:  love.  All relationships have their obstacles, but as long as you trust each other, then there is nothing that cannot be overcome.  There is strength in love.

You can listen to Happiness Begins on sites like Spotify and Apple Music.

Catch Jonas Brothers on tour here.

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