Rum Jungle Floats On a Cloud in New Single “Make It Ez”


Vibe. Vibe, vibe, vibe. VIBE. I truly could populate this whole review with that particular word surrounded by different punctuation marks and essentially say the same thing. Imma need my thesaurus. “Make It Ez” by Rum Jungle is a cool drink of water on a hot day — but not an ice cold drink. That might be too abrasive and it might ruin the ~vibe~.

Sparse guitars dripping in chorus start the song off soft and sweet, playing off one another. A single vocal comes in, setting the scene of a disco. Synths provide more air and surround the listener in sound. The drums comes in and they take you from a trance to a sway.

The chorus quite literally tells you to “take it easy,” to “make it easy”. If the instrumentation wasn’t painting the picture of an absolute kick back moment, then the vocals and lyrics will do that handily.

This song never breaks a 5 on the energy scale and that’s a good thing. If it were to leave its chill and betray its aura of absolute levity, it wouldn’t have made my chillin’ playlist. This is now a centerpiece, a crown jewel, a piece de resistance. Make it freakin’ ez.

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