HOMESHAKE Releases “Empty Lot” Ahead of ‘Horsie’ Album


Peter Sagar, best known as HOMESHAKE, just unveiled his newest single, “Empty Lot”, along with its official music video. This track comes in advance of his second album of 2024, Horsie, which releases on June 28 via SHHOAMKEE Records. Pre-orders for Horsie are available before its release, here.

Sagar started HOMESHAKE as an expression of how he sees the world and as a medium to create sounds he wants to hear in it. His sound, textural and profound, is unique to his brand, with his light, breathy voice often accented by ethereal soundscapes. Sagar said he creates his music for himself– he is not influenced by possible commercial reception. 

“Empty Lot”, inspired by a dream Sagar had in a hotel, explores how emotions are stored within dreams. The video illustrates Sagar’s concept, opening with Sagar abandoning his car in an empty parking lot. Eventually he wanders into a limousine that brings him to a dreamlike, psychedelic experience. 

The video’s caption highlights Sagar’s inspirations for the project:

“The transformation is complete, and I can leave now. Paris, Texas is my favorite movie, Star Trek: The Next Generation is my favorite TV show, and ‘Windowlicker’ is my favorite music video.”

The “Empty Lot” video completes Sagar’s trilogy of videos for Horsie. About the video, director Jim Larson said:

“The idea of the trilogy we came up with was for each video to represent the three main stages of touring and insert these themes that Pete said his album was about. ‘Nothing 2 See’ was Pete’s relationship with playing live, ‘Simple’ was about being on the road and the anxiety of rushing from gig to gig, and ‘Empty Lot’ is about finally coming home to your loved one transformed into a blue alien guy, filled with relief of making it through another tour.”

Horsie is Sagar’s seventh album. A continuation of his evolution as HOMESHAKE, Horsie will take listeners through feelings of reflection, self-love and yearning for the world to be a gentler place. 

On June 27, HOMESHAKE will host an album listening event at Brain Dead Studios to celebrate the release of Horsie. Sagar will then kick off his upcoming tour on Sept. 27 at the Théâtre Fairmount in Montreal. Tour tickets can be purchased on Homeshake’s website.

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Ashley Robinson
Ashley Robinson
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