Garvie Dances with Double Entendre in New Single “So High”


Garvie’s latest track, “So High“, is an exhilarating musical journey that invites listeners to dive into the unknown. Self-produced by Garvie, the song is a sonic fusion of diverse elements, combining funky basslines, intricate strings, playful chiptune synths, and the soulful twang of Deep South slide guitar. These musical components form an intricate backdrop for Garvie’s mesmerizing falsetto vocals.

“So High” takes a more experimental and atmospheric approach while still retaining its pop sensibilities with an abundance of catchy hooks. The track benefits from Scoobert Doobert’s expert mixing skills, even daring to break Garvie’s self-imposed “no reverb” rule, resulting in a more expansive and immersive sound.

Beneath the surface, “So High” offers a layered narrative that explores themes of dependency and the impulsive nature of diving headfirst into new experiences. It paints a relatable picture of that moment when you realize you’re fully committed to something, whether it brings liberation or uncertainty.

In conclusion, “So High” by Garvie is a musical rollercoaster that masterfully combines a diverse range of elements to create a captivating and memorable listening experience Garvie’s willingness to break musical conventions adds a unique charm to the track, offering a heady concoction of musical delight meant to be enjoyed with the utmost responsibility.

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