Floral Couches Vibes in Unrest with New Single, “Anxious On Vacation”


Get ready to kick back, relax, and field Outlook notifications from your boss at 7:30p on a Saturday. Floral Couches explores the anxiety of working when you’re not supposed to be working in their delectable new single “Anxious On Vacation“.

With the advent of modern tech, one’s granted more mobility in their work. On the other side of this double edged sword, one can never really “turn off”. With jazzy chords, a tight acoustic drum kit, and silky vocals, Floral Couches details this concept in a fun, sort of counterintuitive way. An experience I find to be hellish is played out in a way that is so soothing and vibey.

The arrangement and instrumentation is sparse but anything but lacking. Exactly what is needed is all there. This enables the listener to fall into the groove and nod their head to a song about one of the modern day’s most prevalent annoyances. And the horns, oh the horns. The horns are the sauce of the song and we as listeners are blessed with their sugary delights.

Put your phone on Do Not Disturb and give “Anxious On Vacation” a spin!

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