Shelf Lives Is “All Grown Up” in New Single


In “All Grown Up“, Shelf Lives gives a whole new meaning to the colloquialism “adulting”.

A demonic, reversed, and industrial swell is abruptly quickly punctuated with an “everything is fucked”. From that point on forward, it’s time to jam. Blazing vocals ride on a drum machine and bassline that is colored chaotic by droning and distorted guitar notes.

As a lover of linguistic tomfoolery, this song scratches an itch and adds a unique spin that elevates the song from good to interesting. A run-on-sentence flow composed of stutters and acronyms is employed to illustrate the go-go-go nature of adulthood that Shelf Lives is commenting on in “All Grown Up“.

The droning guitars in the hook to provide a soft place to drop an undeniably sticky, repeating refrain of “Do something adult”. This call-and-response is answered by phrases like, “Break your legs” or “Take your meds” or “Get an addiction”. All the stuff us real-deal adults do.

All Grown Up” is as raucous and fun as it is poignant and pointed. Shelf Lives bring a genre-bending flair to this single that doesn’t stop until it does.


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