Lostboy Kujo Shows Us”Rock Bottom”



LostBoy Kujo teamed up with Hoy Ray Guang to release an energetic pop punk song entitled “Rock Bottom.” Much like LostBoy Kujo’s last release “Before I Live” this new hit will quickly get you up and moving. With a catchy chorus and powerful drum beats LostBoy Kujo and Hoy Ray Guang simply knocked this one out of the park.

As you listen to “Rock Bottom” you quickly realize the meaning behind the lyrics. Walking you through the changes life throws at you, but your ability to pivot in the moment and make the best of it, the message is not only powerful and motivating, but also relatable. Just when we think we think we have hit rock bottom we float back to the surface and roll with the punches. With more expected in the near future from LostBoy Kujo click the links below to stay up to date with whats next.

Listen to “Rock Bottom” anywhere you stream music.

Keep up with LostBoy Kujo: YouTube//Instagram


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