Atomic Tom Rips You a New One in “Let Me Show You How It’s Done”


This is some real-deal, primo and pro jammage.

Atomic Tom seems to be wielding a dragon-sword, unsheathing and wielding it exactly how they want to at any given moment in their new single “Let Me Show You How It’s Done“. As a fella keen to rock music in general, this is just a delight. A delicious confection comprised of so many time switches, vibe switches, a swath of influences, sparse sections, full sections, interjections, injections, and more.

Modern rock doesn’t get executed much better than this. This does not fall trap to pop sensibilities in attempts to appeal to mass audiences. That said, there’s so much that keeps one coming back for more. There’s that volatile unpredictability that is so essential to a good rock track. One thing I was not expecting were the Queen-esque background vocals that directly precede the guitar solo — which is a dirty, radly affected section.

There are so many little moments of quiet that lead to grander moments of neckbreakin’ and danceable fare. One truly has to listen to the track a few times to even begin digesting all that it has to offer. There’s not a dull moment. All members of the band are serving their purpose to their maximum capacity. The guitarist is ripping then stepping back, the drummer is conducting rhythmic demands, the vocalist is weaving a story, the bass is holding that ish down.

I feel like I’m becoming longwinded, but truly, this is a winner. This is a great track. Listen to it 100 times.

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