Juniper Honey’s New Single, “Another Morning” Will Make You Lose Your Mind



Without sacrificing an ounce of musicality, dynamics, or meaning Juniper Honey puts on a masterclass of slacker rock with their new single, “Another Morning“.

A sparse but excellently mixed intro consisting of acoustic guitars, drums, and vocals establishes the song’s message of exhaustion and “losing [your] mind” in a world of immediacy and repetition.

Tasty licks build upon tasty licks until the band stops for a whole 4-count before embarking on what is a powerful, psychedelic, engine of a song. Twists and turns, key modulations, guitar solos, ambient background vocals, and more illustrate the message of the song while providing the listener with an ever-interesting and repeatable track. If one wants a deeper meaning, it’s there in spades; however, if one wants to crank up the car stereo and jam uninhibitedly, that’s also readily available.

The mix of this song cannot be gushed about more. The drums are uber punchy, the guitars are filthy and face-contorting but never messy, the bass serves its divine purpose of groundwork, and the vocals sit beautifully and dirtily atop this pristinely balanced track.

Throw this on a road trip playlist, a gym playlist, an existential crisis playlist, or a “very good songs” playlist. Juniper Honey really hammered the nail on the head with their accessible yet engaging new single, “Another Morning“.

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