Last Dinosaurs are “Walking On Ice” on new single


Even though it is disconcerting to think about the world coming to an end one day, it is an idea that cannot be ignored. Every day is an exploration of this topic, as we encounter news stories about how today’s input can affect tomorrow’s output or movies that depict how those final hours may play out. It is hard to pinpoint exactly how it will happen, but Last Dinosaurs will be ready. On their new single, “Walking On Ice,” they fight fire with…ice, taking on a sense of fearlessness to combat what feels like end-of-the-world situations.

While it does not directly address the apocalypse, “Walking On Ice” still navigates mortality and societal pressures. Throughout the track, we are given lines like, “I see my future when I’m looking at the end / Millions of patterns trying to tell me who I am” and “Walk me through the fire / And watch my soul light up / Don’t want to expire,” leaning towards world-ending thoughts and feelings. It comes to a head in the choruses of, “I’m walking on ice / Never think twice / I’m ready to self-destruct,” where that fine line of keeping it together and losing it is crossed. You can check it out below.

Last Dinosaurs are currently on ‘TOURZILLA’ with Vacations. The shows will span across North America from October 4-November 12 before wrapping up in Mexico on November 15. After that, the band will make their way to Asia for Joyland Festival in Jakarta on November 24 and VERY Festival in Thailand on November 26. You can get tickets here.

You can listen to “Walking On Ice” on platforms like Spotify, SoundCloud, and Apple Music.

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