ALBUM REVIEW: Knox Hamilton // Beach Boy EP


It has been a little over a year since Knox Hamilton released their debut album, The Heights.  Now, the alt rock band is back with their new EP, Beach Boy.  The four-song EP gives us major summertime feels with vibrant music, catchy choruses, and a main topic that we can all appreciate:  love.  What does love represent to the typical beach boy?

When I first listened to the EP, I thought it was a fun album about the joys of being in love.  Once I got past the energetic music, I realized that was not the case.  The lyrics are more about a desire to be with someone and the complications that can arise from those feelings.  Each song is a different story about that sentiment and demonstrates the crazy, but almost necessary, journey we experience with love.

First impressions of the EP were made a few months ago with “Trade My Trips” and “Video Sunshine.”  The former deals with some of the struggles that come with pursuing your dreams.  For instance, although touring the country with your band can be everything you ever wanted, it can also be lonely because some of the people you love are left behind.  The latter song, “Video Sunshine,” is funny because you start out thinking that the song is going to be really positive, but then it quickly takes a turn.  The infectious chorus that plays right after that first verse starts to mean something else when you hear it again after the second verse.

The two new songs, “Mission Control” and “Beach Boy,” are a little edgier.  We have more of a driving rhythm with “Mission Control,” which deals with the instability one can feel when they don’t have a certain love in their life.  This song definitely has a classic 80s feel, which could be why I envision myself at some sort of disco party when it plays.  With “Beach Boy,” the music is very dreamy and enchanting, but the song is about a relationship gone wrong.  The line, “It’s come down to taking separate cars, not even ending up at the same bar,” really just sums up the mood of the song and makes me feel bad for our beach boy.

Beach Boy is now available for streaming on all major sites, such as spotify and Apple Music.
It is definitely a must for your summer playlist!

Catch up with Knox Hamilton: Twitter // Instagram // Facebook // Website



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