Jonah Kagen yearns for all he had on “Pollution”


Over the summer, Jonah Kagen helped us get through nostalgic feelings or memories we were experiencing with his single “The Roads.” Lyrically, the song dives into a haunting relationship, one that Jonah can’t seem to move past. It serves as a metaphor for the way life can redirect you to your past, even though you have moved on. Jonah touches on this topic often, with many of his songs focusing on the struggle of trying to move forward without looking back. On his new single, “Pollution,” Jonah does his best to be in the present, but he can’t help but think about how his life is rapidly evolving.

Containing the similar acoustic-driven sound that is featured on “The Roads,” “Pollution” exposes lukewarm feelings about change. With a bruised spirit, Jonah observes, “I was 14 the first time I left home / Not one drop of pollution, no taste of the cold,” taking us back to a place that was pure. After observing how quickly his world has changed nine years later, he yearns for all he had in the choruses, begging, “Oh, forgive me my darling, I let you down / I don’t know where you are and I need you now / I’d do anything, I’d give up all I have / I want you back.” You can check it out below.

Giving us more details about “Pollution,” Jonah shares,

“‘Pollution’ is about nostalgia, but more specifically, it’s about the desperate craving to get back to a time of simplicity and innocence. I think there’s something especially heartbreaking about losing your innocence as you grow up, and it’s something that I think about every day.”  

You can check out “Pollution” on platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, and SoundCloud.

Next month, Jonah will be heading out on his first-ever headline tour, which will take him across various cities in the US. He will then join Phillip Phillips on ‘The Drift Back Tour’ from October 19 to November 11. The full list of dates and tickets can be found here.

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