Amelie Jat Releases Vulnerable New Single “nostalgia”


Hong Kong-born, London-based pop artist Amelie Jat has released her deeply vulnerable new single “nostalgia”, the last single to come before she releases her new album later this fall. This track will strike a cord with any listener who has longed for a past love that’s no longer there.

“nostalgia” is more than just a song for Jat. It’s also an emotional journey that she invites listeners to join her on. She elaborates on the concept herself:

“I feel like I actually did grieve, because the day we recorded the vocals in the studio, I had a complete breakdown about this person/situation.”

The song starts off softly with the sound of seagulls in the background and an acoustic guitar kicks in. Jat’s velvety vocals begin to describe the scene as it’s evident that someone has wronged her. True to the track’s title, a nostalgic piano helps to pick up the tempo as we enter the first chorus, with Jat singing the hard-hitting lyric “I don’t know what’s worse / you putting me second or me putting you first”. Her emotional connection to the song is evident as she sings the last word.

Persistent drums help to keep the tempo high as we head into the second verse, where Jat’s voice gains more power. The cathartic bridge features an electric guitar and a violin to signal a shift of emotion. The lyrics of the last chorus are adjusted to fit with this powerful change, giving both the song and the situation it describes closure.

Jat wants this song to be an emotional release for listeners, and she has certainly poured her heart and soul into it to ensure that goal is achieved. Fans will get goosebumps as they hear the first chorus and stand in solidarity with Jat through the last word.

Her new album will be out later this year, so be sure to keep an eye out!

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