Jarki Monno Gets Vulnerable in New Single “Charlie”


London-born artist Jarki Monno is quickly making a name for himself, having recently been featured at BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend 2024. His most recent single “Charlie”, which explores the rollercoaster of emotions that comes with unrequited affection, was released last week. He elaborates further:

“It’s about a one-night stand where the tables turn, and you’re hooked on a feeling. It’s the realisation that this person doesn’t want any more to do with you once you’ve become invested. You can’t get them off your mind, and the thought of letting go becomes harder, wondering if there was something there.”

The track starts off with some punchy drums over an ambient electronic background before his vocals come right in. The vocal delivery takes on an emotional and regretful quality as he describes how he can’t get this person off his mind.

The melody switches up a bit for the pre-chorus as he starts to give more concrete details with the lyrics “she said he said we’re gonna pay for this in the morning”. The use of echoing repetition here mirrors the repetitive thoughts he’s having about the situation.

The chorus is ushered in with the strum of a guitar and the addition of some drums as Jarki Monno predicts that this person is going to let him down. The chorus sees him move through stages: he speaks directly to this person, asking why the things are always the same and begging for it not to be this way this time.

The next verse starts right away, surprising the listener with its quickness. Jarki Monno abandons his thus far low-energy vocals for more emotive and energetic ones. The music changes accordingly as well, with more upbeat synths, drums, and guitars to support his energy. The following pre-chorus is musically stripped-down to his raw and vulnerable voice.

The entrance of the next chorus is cinematic, with all the elements we’ve seen at different parts of the song combined. The uptick in energy here can be seen as representing the buildup of frustration and pain that he’s experiencing over this situation.

The musical soundscape takes center stage as echoed lyrics are sung in the background for the bridge. After a while, we get a break that features a piano rhythm that will remind listeners of The 1975. The final chorus explodes in with even more energy than before as his vocal style is switched up yet again for a decisive and dynamic finale. After the last word, the track ends abruptly as if he’s taking a quick inhale.

The way this track keeps listeners guessing while building to the finale speaks to Jarki Monno’s songwriting and production talent. The relatable lyrics and mix of vocal styles help get the full range of emotions across. This catchy tune will captivate listeners and leave them wanting more.

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