Kacey Fifield Exudes Confidence in New Single “Never Reply”


New York-based singer/songwriter Kacey Fifield has just released her catchy and honest new single “Never Reply”. The track confronts the feeling of being confident that it’s best to leave someone in the past and move forward as a better version of yourself, a message all listeners should dare to relate to. 

The track starts off with a strumming guitar and a muffled background rhythm before Fifield’s matter-of-fact vocal delivery kicks in. The song begins with the bold and blatantly honest statement “I wish I could say I wish you the best but that’d be a lie”. The rest of the verse doubles down on wishing she’d never met this person. In the pre-chorus, a subtle piano is added as she describes the differences between her and her former lover.

The sunny chorus kicks in as Fifield lets us know she’ll “never reply” to this person again. The drums, bass, and guitar work together with an ethereal echo on Fifield’s voice, adding a tangible element of peacefulness to the song. A groovy electric guitar punctuates the end of the chorus and brings us into the next verse. 

Here, we detect a bit of a change of heart from Fifield, with her singing “I wish I could say I don’t think of you”. We hear that she sometimes reminisces about this person but in the end she knows they were bad for her, a very human dilemma that we’ve all been through at one time or another. The music becomes more complex as her soft vocals stand out over the layered instrumentals. 

The next chorus subtly picks up power with the use of more background vocals. The following bridge draws us back to the message of the pre-chorus, but it ends with the decisive lyrics “you’re stuck without me forever”. 

The start of the next chorus is stripped down, with Fifield’s vocals over just an acoustic guitar before the drums kick back in, bringing the rest of the instrumentals with them. We’re treated to the repetition of these lyrics before the end of the track is punctuated by Fifield singing “never reply” one last time. 

In “Never Reply”, Kacey Fifield exudes a confident sense of strength that listeners will love. Whether you’re feeling the same way or still working to get to that point, “Never Reply” can serve as your anthem.  

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