Femi’s New Single “Days & Nights” Is the Perfect End-of-Summer Track


New York-based artist Femi has just given us the perfect end-of-summer track with his new single “Days & Nights”. The song explores the fleeting nature of summer romance that inevitably ends as the leaves begin to change and we feel the fall set in. Femi describes it himself:

“‘Days & Nights’ is a labor of love, a musical ode to the beauty and bittersweetness of summer love in all its glory and transience. It’s not just a song; it’s a reminder of those cherished moments with someone special.”

“Days & Nights” starts off with a catchy drum beat and Femi’s energetic vocals describing a scene of summer love. The following chorus is incredibly catchy, with glittery electronic instrumentals backing up Femi’s honest lyrics and expressive vocal delivery. The second chorus is where we feel the most impact, though, and towards the end of the song, the instrumentals are stripped down so Femi’s voice can really shine. From here, we fade out, with Femi singing “I’m thinking of you”. You can listen here.

This track will resonate with listeners on a deeper level, bringing back fond memories and evoking feelings of nostalgia as the seasons change yet again. Femi’s soft yet powerful vocal delivery along with the upbeat instrumentals is the perfect combination to keep listeners smiling as they take a walk down memory lane.

Femi will be releasing his new EP 2020 soon and has plans to release a full-length album in the near future, so be sure to keep your ear out.

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