Emma Ogier reminisces about young love on “Too Young For That”


On her debut single, “First Base,” Emma Ogier flaunted her sprawling, Americana style by giving us an indie pop anthem that focused on an unbalanced relationship. She was ready to be there for someone and give her all, and the other person underestimated her. A month later, Emma followed up the single with “Consider Me A Winner,” which confronted the scary idea of change. With these tracks, she showcased her honesty and vulnerability, giving fans a chance to relate to her and better connect to her world. They will be able to find themselves in more of Emma’s stories when she drops her debut EP later this year. It will contain “First Base” and “Consider Me A Winner,” along with Emma’s newest single, “Too Young For That.”

A warm folk pop track, “Too Young For That” captures the overwhelming idea of young love. Throughout the track, Emma reminisces on a relationship she had during her formative years. As she thinks back, she remembers making out, saying “I love you,” and having conversations about marriage. She sings, “Said we’d get married, but I think I’ll always be too young for that,” amused at the thought. While she did not recognize the value of the relationship at the time, she clings to it now and hopes that its memories will never fade away. You can check it out below.

Telling us more about “Too Young For That,” Emma shares,

“‘Too Young For That’ is about love that has been separated physically but still holds ties mentally.”

You can listen to “Too Young For That” on platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, and SoundCloud.

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