Alan Walker and Zak Abel offer us an “Endless Summer” with new single


If there is one duo who knows how to capture the essence of an “Endless Summer,” it is Alan Walker and Zak Abel. I know, Barbie and Oppenheimer is also a solid choice… Nevertheless, Alan and Zak are the perfect pair to usher in a dance-pop anthem that will heat up everyone’s summer for the better, as each artist always cranks out a hit. Alan’s debut single, “Faded,” has attracted more than 1.7 billion Spotify streams, for instance, and his debut album, Different World, garnered over 5 billion. Meanwhile, Zak’s 2017 debut album, Only When We’re Naked, was a huge success in the pop realm, leading the British singer-songwriter to pen tracks for artists like Kygo and Avicii. He is now one of the most prominent EDM vocalists out there, so it is no surprise that he also performed at King Charles’s coronation back in May. Adding another solid achievement to their resumés, Alan and Zak give us “Endless Summer.”

On “Endless Summer,” Alan and Zak ensure that the good times will keep rolling long after the summer ends. Alan sets us up with engaging basslines, calm percussion, and bright melodies, creating moments that are meant to be treasured. Zak keeps the mood light and positive, lyrics like “Lost love, now it’s back again / I’ve been right here waiting / One touch and something’s in the air / Got my heartbeat racing” hinting at the possibilities that can come with a summer that will not slow down. You can check it out in the video below, which features candid tour footage from life on the road.

Telling us more about “Endless Summer,” Alan shares,

“Like most people, I’m always looking forward to summertime. It’s the most exciting and blissful season, and it’s the best launchpad for joyful moments with family and friends while I’m on the road. It was these bright moments that inspired me to create a song that captured the buzzing mood into an everlasting summer soundtrack, and Zak Abel’s talent brought it to life in a way only he could do.”

Zak also explains,

“This might be the most euphoric song I’ve ever been a part of. Working with Alan on ‘Endless Summer’ was a great experience too, so it just makes me wanna jump around and smile, and I’m sure people will react just [like] me when listening to our track.”

You can listen to “Endless Summer” on platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud.

Keep up with Alan Walker: Twitter // Instagram // Facebook // TikTok // YouTube // Website

Keep up with Zak Abel: Twitter // Instagram // Facebook // TikTok // YouTube // Website


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