Annabel Gutherz looks back on a relationship on “Saturn’s Rings”


New year, same cosmic quest. After releasing her debut album, Loose Ends, in 2021, Annabel Gutherz began an exploration through time and space. She released tracks such as “Retrograde” and “Interstellar,” along with a cover of David Bowie’s “Life on Mars” and a remix of “Retrograde” with LA-based producer Epic. Through them, Annabel has delivered some of her strongest tracks to date, blending the dramatic stylings of her voice with rich, expansive music for some out of this world productions. Embarking on the next phase of her odyssey, Annabel gives us “Saturn’s Rings.”

On “Saturn’s Rings,” Annabel recounts a past relationship, tapping into the questions and feelings of longing she still possesses. The track depicts the drama of this situation through the composition of the verses and choruses. The verses are more subdued and stripped back, representing the times when Annabel keeps her thoughts to herself. The choruses, meanwhile, just hit you out of nowhere, the sweeping and intricate piano runs releasing everything that she feels. You can check it out below.

About “Saturn’s Rings,” she shares,

“‘Saturn’s Rings’ is about being enveloped by your thoughts and feelings for an ex, despite the amount of time that has passed between you two. I wanted the production to reflect the push-and-pull dynamic of the lyrics and discordant emotional undercurrents contrasting each song section.”

You can listen to “Interstellar” on platforms like Spotify and Apple Music.

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