Annabel Gutherz is moving right along with new single “Retrograde”


Last year was a big one for singer-songwriter Annabel Gutherz, as she released her debut album, Loose Ends.  The album is all about change and growth, with tracks that focus on the ways Annabel views herself and others who have come into and out of her life.  In the end, we got to learn more about Annabel, the musician, along with Annabel, the person who is out here just doing her best.  Shortly after Loose Ends, Annabel released the Loose Ends Sessions EP, which was a more intimate expression of some of the songs featured on Loose Ends.  Now that the album and EP have had their time to settle in, Annabel is moving right along with her new single “Retrograde.”

Despite its backward-inducing title, “Retrograde” focuses on forward-moving energy.  Throughout the track, Annabel tells us about the various thoughts and questions that she has that make her wonder if she is at a stand-still or on the verge of repeating old habits.  When we get to the choruses, however, Annabel throws her concerns away, saying she is “never in retrograde” and is on the path of “propulsion.”  The pop rock vibe of the track is definitely different to what we heard on Loose Ends, but suits Annabel all the same.  You can check it out below.

About “Retrograde,” Annabel shares,

“I noticed a shared sentiment amongst my friends, family, and me in the wake of the pandemic — a feeling of stagnation in our respective ambitions and pursuits, or worse, a sense of retrogression.  Upon having an insightful conversation with my mom, who seems to have a blueprint of life’s greatest lessons, I came to the understanding that no one is ever stagnant.  We are always learning, growing, and moving forward as a result… In other words, we are ‘never in retrograde.'”

You can listen to “Retrograde” on platforms like Apple Music and Spotify.

Keep up with Annabel Gutherz:  Instagram // Facebook // Twitter // TikTok // Website


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