Emma Ogier successfully adapts to change on “Consider Me A Winner”


Released only a month ago, “First Base” made for a solid debut single from Emma Ogier. The unapologetic indie pop track touched on the conflicting feelings that arise when your role in a relationship is misunderstood, all the while showcasing Emma’s incredible songwriting skills and unique Americana sound. Fans and music enthusiasts alike were impressed, as the single received over 100K cumulative streams within its first few weeks of release. Some may see Emma as a “winner,” which she discusses on her follow-up single.

A driving indie pop track, “Consider Me A Winner” is edgy and radiant, filled with enticing melodies that rise and fall. The summery production offsets Emma’s cool vocals, which convey the spirit of the lyrics. Throughout the single, she reflects on the ways she is dealing with change, trying her best to adapt. She sings, “But I’ve got no one to talk to / So I’ve been talking to myself” and “Don’t worry about me dear, I’m restless / In this coffin,” figuring out how to cope. She learns that being successful is not necessarily through doing something outstanding and grand, but through accomplishing any task that seems impossible. This comes through in the lines, “And if I survive the winter / And I do it all alone / Gotta consider me a winner.” You can check it out below.

About “Consider Me A Winner,” Emma explains,

“‘Consider Me A Winner’ is about fear and uncontrollable change. This song is how I imagined the semester might be without my best friend and former roommate, when in reality, it was far from lonely. Change is inevitable, and we win by adapting and evolving.”

You can listen to “Consider Me A Winner” on platforms like Apple Music, Spotify, and SoundCloud.

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